Sunday, December 24, 2017

Year in Review

Here we are once again in the Holiday season.  Many are busy cooking, shopping, visiting and partying.  While others are just wondering how to finish out the year struggling with the situations that life has brought to them here in this world.
As I take time to reflect on this past year, my heart rejoices.  Many of you know that this has been a year of challenge for me in many different areas.  I started out with the physical challenge of adjusting to an artificial knee replacement in my left leg.  I was excited about the family that would come to Leticia to develop a discipleship training school. It was good to receive them here in Leticia during the difficult time of recuperation, but it soon became evident that their motives and desires were contrary to that of AFAMMS. God used them to help me to literally get back on my feet and to reinforce the purpose of why I am here in the Amazon.  After 3 months they decided to leave because the things of this world were more important than the souls of lost people.  I don’t blame them. At a glance, the missionary life looks glamorous until one has to practice depending on God for the everyday living.
The last week as that family was leaving my “daughter” came to stay with me with her boyfriend and their baby.  They had lost their place to stay and were on the street.  They were the help to help me get the house back in order after the family left.  We began discipleship classes, preparation for their wedding, and I prepared to go to the states to share with the churches about the termination of the discipleship training school project.  All the time my heart felt heavy because I was questioning God as to what was my purpose. I wanted to know if what I was doing here in Colombia was really necessary.
The most encouraging thing for me in the States was hearing testimonies from the missionaries that attended the mission conference in Maryland where I went to minister at the Peoples Community Baptist Church.  Yes, I shared, but God used these men and women of His to encourage a tired missionary.  I was not the only one who had projects that did not materialize.  What do you do? You get up pray and keep going.  As long as there are people who have not heard the good news that they can be reconciled to the Almighty Creator God and have an intimate relationship with Him, there is still a place for me. The work that is done on the “mission field” is not based on projects completed, but lives changed to the Glory of God and the Godly influence on those who would never know of Him if I had never come and sown His Word in a place where it had not been before planted.  God causes the growth!
So, here I am in Leticia, Amazonas Colombia. In October, I had surgery on my right ankle to correct the position of my foot in order to prepare me for the replacement of my other knee in the fall of 2018. Some say I will be the “bionic woman.” I say, “hallelujah!” The next 60 years of my life will be without pain and strong for the work of the Kingdom.  God has provided people to help me through the difficult time of convalescence and my English and music students have been able to train in my home.  I have seven students and have been able to present the gospel with each of them.  I am using the CEF wordless book.  Please keep these students in your prayers as they are not only learning music or English but also, more about the love of God.
This month of December I am continuing with my English and music students and recuperating.  The pastor who is my covering here in Leticia has given me this time for healing, but has shared with me his desire for me to work more closely with the Ministerio de Misiones Church in the areas of leadership training and the praise and worship team. Pastors Julio and Jenny Pacheco have a vision to reach and encourage the brethren that are located in the jungle that have less opportunity to receive what we experience in the city.  Pray that God will raise up teams that will be willing to travel to these remote areas to be an encouragement to the body of Christ.
Well, I have shared with you my year in review and future vision.  Keep praying! Keep giving! And, come visit as God leads you.  Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!
Adventuring with Christ,
Min. Orchidy T Boyd
Exec. Dir. AFAMMS

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Taking the Gospel to all nations. What it looks like in real life.

Yes! This is a different type of newsletter.  Sometimes the missionary needs to be direct and let their readers know exactly what is happening so that their prayers can be more specific and effective. Permit me to lay it out in this manner.

THE VISION:  Every tribe, nation and tongue participating in the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speed the return of Christ – Matthew 24:14 take the gospel to all the nations 
Make disciples that will speed the return of Christ – Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Timothy 2:2

So what does this look like in real life? One chooses a location that has less opportunity to hear the gospel message, a place that is full of people in need and a place that God put in your heart.  One may not know or understand the complete strategy for your life in this place, but that is not the responsibility of the person who chooses to go.  The responsibility of the one who chooses to “go” is found in Psalm 37.

Last year I was excited about being part of a project here in the Amazon. I shared with many of you the vision for the project.  The family that was to lead the project seemed to be full of expectations to realize the vision of a discipleship training school, indigenous led and self-sustaining.  God brought the children of Israel into the desert not to test them, but to show them what was really in their hearts.  Bottom line... The riches of this world and what they had to give up in Chia weighed more heavily than the souls of many people.  After 3 ½ months here in Leticia they decided to return to their home in Chia.

Where does that leave me in all this?  Psalm 37:3-9 gives direction. Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness...Trust in the Lord...Commit my way to Him...Rest... He will do it.  God is still in charge of the results or fruit in my life.  My responsibility is to dwell in the land, trust in Him and commit my way to Him.  So here I am!

I am living in the middle of the Amazon jungle.  My only desires at present are to explain the gospel message of Jesus Christ to as many who will listen, disciple those whom God places in my path (way) and cultivate faithfulness loving and serving in the local church under which is my covering here in Leticia Colombia.  Here are some of the great blessings that God has given to me these past four months.
  1. While the Rodriguez family was with me, they helped with the household chores during the most difficult part of my recovery from knee replacement surgery.
  2. My daughter and her fiancée Junior asked to be discipled and are going through the process to marry according to the Word of God and the government of Colombia. They will be married in June.
  3. They have chosen to live with me and desire to learn and practice being a real family according to Biblical principles. As a result of their decisions, Junior has had the opportunity to share with his brother and his girlfriend.  Please pray for them.  We are now a family of 4 (Me, Neivy my God given daughter, Junior and baby Elias (6 months) my grand-baby).
  4. I have started English classes in the Mission Ministries Church where I attend. I am teaching from a Biblical base... training and equipping so that my students can be more effective in reaching the nations for Christ.
  5. The part that I like most about what God is doing in my life, besides the gift of family, is that I am part of the worship team in Mission Ministries Church here in Leticia. This gives me opportunity to do what I like most.  Worship!  I am teaching music and playing my clarinet and violin.  I am praying for a Yamaha electric Cello to add to the worship team.  Please pray with me for this instrument.

The conclusion is this.  People may come or leave. Projects may be started or ended. But, those who will serve the Lord dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.

I will be in the States from July 11, 2017 through the end of August. I hope to see many of you or connect with you. Thank you so much to those of you who have been praying and giving! I could not have survived these past few months without your participation. May God bless you greatly!!

Psalm 27:13 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living.
 14 Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Adventuring with Christ,
Min. Orchidy T Boyd 

African American Mobilization Services (AFAMMS)
Min. Orchidy T. Boyd— AFAMMS— PO Box 39803 – Redford, MI   48239-0803
What's App or Call Colombian Cell: +57 312.557.5379

Friday, October 28, 2016

Back in the Amazon

Here I am sitting in my room looking out at the tropical trees and hearing the sounds of the Amazon Rain Forest as the traffic passes by my window. What a contrast to the climate and culture in which I grew up. For two months, I traveled in the United States visiting family and friends, meeting with pastors and church leaders and speaking at a mission conference. My main desire was to impart vision for the work that God has laid on my heart here in the Amazon. 

Many asked about the Anaconda, mosquitoes, and any kind of strange insect or disease that I may have encountered while living here in the Amazon. For some, the only concept of the life here is what has been portrayed through nature documentaries or movies. Explaining that I live in Leticia Amazonas on the borders of Brazil and Peru

 in an upstairs apartment that has a view of the Amazon River in the distance and that I use a motor scooter to get around town is often a challenge without the wonderful Google Maps. And still some asked “Where in Africa is that?” Some even became confused with _______ .com. Part of imparting vision is educating. 

 The conference that I attended in Silver Spring, MD was great! It was more about me being educated about the Kingdom work going on in various parts of the world (including Africa) and putting some faces to those in need of prayer who are serving in some very sensitive locations. Even though I had opportunities to share about the Amazon, God impressed on me the need for more time spent in prayer. One ministry had people who spent five (5) to ten (10) hours a day just praying allowing God to impart HIS vision.

There comes a time when casting vision to those who will listen that the desire to see results sends me to my knees and the answer that God gives is just wait and trust me.  In the meantime, I had a chance to visit with friends that I have not seen in years and spend time with my earthly father. WOW! I will never forget fishing in Michigan with my dad and brother and catching the biggest fish of the day – 15 inch Bass. And, spending time with my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, great-nieces and nephews and cousins while all the time my God given daughter Neivy was calling me and telling me up-to-date reports on her and her boyfriend’s commitment to marry and walk in God's vision for the family. I am over joyed!! Thank you to all who continued to pray for her.

So I waited and I trusted! I saw God move on the hearts of the brothers and sisters in each group that He led me to share the vision. The results were great! Many recommitted to giving to the ministry of AFAMMS, while others made commitments to seeing “The Amazon Initiative Project” (named by one of the Detroit pastors) in Vista Alegre come to fruition, still others committed to become prayer partners. God moved on the hearts of some to come and help build the discipleship training school. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and garden technicians are all needed in the body of Christ. Thank you my dear family and friends for hearing the vision and being willing to seek God as to your part in seeing it materialize. “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

For those of you who have made a commitments to give on a regular basis, the best method is through the blogspot. Just click on the yellow donate button and follow the directions for donating through PayPal or you can donate directly through your personal PayPal. Our address is You may also send your donations through the US Postal Service: AFAMMS, PO BOX 39803, Redford, Michigan 48239-0803. Do not put my name on the check or money order. It is tax-deductible payable to AFAMMS.

One of my English students invited me to take a 7 day vacation in Pereira Colombia where the coffee grows. My miles with LATAM were enough that I only had to pay $10.00. God is Good! I will be on vacation Oct. 20 – 26, 2016.
When I return I will go to Bogota to be reviewed for the knee replacement. Please be in prayer for this surgery. I will keep you all posted. Also, be in prayer for Ricardo Elias, Irene and their baby Sofia who are in preparation to come to Leticia to stay with me as we prepare the organization of the Discipleship Training School in Vista Alegre. They will arrive January 19, 2017.  I am preparing the house to receive my new family.  Please keep us all in your prayers as we are adjusting to one another. We will advance in the vision that God has given to us for the Amazon!!

Adventuring with Christ,
Min. Orchidy Boyd
Orchidy T Boyd

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July News Letter

My dear family and friends,

What an exciting time to be alive! I am well into the second year of RHEMA and doing well.  I thought it would be more difficult to study in Spanish, but until now it has only been a challenge.  The classes are intriguing and refreshing.  We just completed a session on Leadership and one on Angeles and Demons.  It is good to be a part of the special creation of God, mankind.

I have been receiving exciting responses from Vista Alegre where we had the youth conference in April.  The youth have started meeting in the evenings at the church doing Bible study and working on praise and worship music.  They are impatient for us to begin the indigenous discipleship training school.  In July, I will be returning to the community, Lord willing, to encourage and develop plans for building.  We desire to build a 2 story building near the church for classes and housing for visiting teachers. At one time, I believed that I would teach in the Yagua community alone, but God always thinks bigger and more inclusive of others.  Those who attended the conference in April were Ticuna and Cocama. The Yaguas did not participate, since then I have been told that there are some that want to be a part of the training school.  Hallelujah! Please keep this in your prayers.

We have been given wood and land to start building the 2 story-training center in the Vista Alegre Community. I would like to invite you to be a part of this vision for reaching the youth and tribal communities in this region.  The building will be for housing visiting teachers and students.  It will be used for training classes and dining.  The students will have work projects while attending the training school that will assist in the maintenance of the facilities and cost of room and board. We would like for this to be an ongoing self-sustained discipleship ministry where the students learn the Word of God but also demonstrate their knowledge through integrity and Godly character. We have chosen 2Timothy 2:2 (And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.) to be the model of the discipleship-training program.  Indigenous youth reaching other indigenous youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can reach others and we can complete the mandate of Jesus and get the job done.

You ask, “How can I become a part of this project?” 1. By first of all, praying for us here in the Amazon: Ricardo Elias, Irene Guzman Charry his wife and me, Orchidy Boyd. Also, Elias’ parents who are pastoring in Vista Alegre and have generously given us the land and wood for building.
2. Secondly, by giving toward the building costs. It will cost approximately $50,000.00 to complete the construction of the buildings needed for the training school. We are asking you or your group to prayerfully begin saving (setting aside monies to sow a seed) for this year until August of 2017. Maybe a special offering once a week that can be presented in August 2017. In August 2017, Elias and I will visit with you or your church group so that you can meet Ricardo Elias (the director) and ask your questions of us and give your donation seed for this great work. (1 Cor. 9)
3. Last but not least, you may plan a trip to help in the construction process.  Many Godly hands make light work.
*Note: We are in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Those that come to help build next year must be prepared for very rustic camping conditions.

I will be coming to the states to attend a mission conference in Silver Spring, MD July 14th through the 17th.  I will then look forward to visiting as many of you as possible during the time that I am in the USA.  If you would like to try to connect with me I can be reached through my email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SKYPE. I will be returning to Colombia September 12th. I will try to call as many as I can,  if I miss you, please feel free to contact me. Donations are best sent to me through PayPal at: You may also go to my Blogspot: for more information or to donate by clicking on the yellow donate button. Donations may also be sent to the above address. 

November 1st I will be starting the process for a knee replacement.  I will be meeting with the doctors in Bogota. Please keep this in your prayers as I am traveling on this bad knee.  It is by God’s grace that I am made strong! He has kept me and many have been reached because of His faithfulness with me.  Thank you for your prayers and giving. You help make this all possible!

Check out the GREAT motor scooter that your prayers and giving has provided for the ministry.  Let’s just take this time at the end of this letter to Praise our Great God for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will do through us here in the Amazon!

Adventuring with Christ,
Min. Orchidy T, Boyd
Exec. Director AFAMMS

African American Mobilization Services (AFAMMS)
  Min. Orchidy T. Boyd— AFAMMS— PO Box 39803 – Redford, MI   48239-0803

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